Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

As a mother of a young daughter, the mantra Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust is something that is heard in our house at least once a week. If you are nodding in agreement, it means you also have an avid Tinkerbell fan in your home. We have two, and not both are children. Genna and I love watching Tinkerbell movies; and yes, we own the full DVD collection.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain:

Tinkerbell is a tenacious fairy who often finds herself in a sticky situation due to her hard-headedness. But she possesses many character traits that I admire. Tinkerbell is quick to admit when she makes a mistake, taking responsibility for her actions. She also doesn’t accept defeat and is always determined to find a solution to her predicament. Once Tinkerbell has figured out the correct path of action, she is unstoppable. Her ever-supportive friends accompany her on a daring quest that requires concentration and clear thinking. Each time before they embark on their mission, they stand in a circle – a universal symbol of unity and solidarity – and say the mantra Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust.

Faith is defined as our ability to believe in that which we cannot see. An unexplainable, non-tangible force that surpasses human understanding. Trust is the physical act of reckless abandon, whereby we shelf our critical logic and believe anyway. It has often been said that having faith is the easy part. Trusting in that faith on the other hand is where we humans struggle. And pixie dust? Well, while we unfortunately don’t have a physical bag of magical golden dust that allows us to fly, we were all created with a belief in our capabilities. It’s what gets us through the tough times. It’s what forces us to stand up again after life has knocked us down. To a lesser or greater degree – often in direct proportion to the amount of knocks life has handed us – we all believe that we can fly. And I don’t mean literally; that’s more of a wish that we all secretly share. By ‘fly’ I mean succeed. We humans may have many character flaws, but we also possess many unexplained strengths. And one of those is our ability to believe in our goals, and to believe that we truly are capable of achieving them.

Tinkerbell and her friends never rely solely on their pixie dust when they are at a cross-roads in life. In fact, the time when Tinkerbell stole an extra bag of pixie dust and forged ahead alone, her plan failed miserably. She found herself stranded and isolated in an unknown place, with no pixie dust. We were never designed to journey life alone. Supportive friends that encourage us in a positive way and who stand with us in faith during life’s challenges are essential. If the core values of your friendships are questionable, watch a Tinkerbell movie to see what genuine friends are. Believing in God even though we cannot see Him, takes a lot of courage. And then to actually trust Him with the situation is terrifying. But if we can just allow ourselves to combine all three components of Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust, suddenly the journey ahead feels possible.

So, no matter what struggle you are currently facing, remember these simple points:      
  1. You are not expected to tackle this alone
  2. A good-quality friend will support you no matter what
  3. Never stop believing in your ability to fly
  4. All you need is Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust


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